Goat Curry

It is a classic & you can be as creative as you want to be! 


At least 2kg of diced goat

2 large onions chopped finely / 5 cloves of garlic finely chopped / tin of chopped tomatoes 

Dry roasted spice mix, fried until brown: 1tbsp coriander seeds / 1tbsp black peppercorns / 1tbsp fenugreek / 1tbsp cumin seeds /             12 cardamom pods / 1 cinnamon stick 

When you have dry fried your chosen spice mix add powdered chilli, smoked paprika & cayenne pepper  to your taste and 1tbsp dried thyme & then blend them to make a fine powder - they should smell fantastic! 

Marinate your goat in the above ingredients for at least 24 hours  

When you are ready to cook your goat, seal the meat in batches in a lightly oiled, very hot pan

When all the meat is sealed add it to a slow cooker or similar vessel for long cooking.  Add 500ml of good quality chicken stock & a further tin of chopped tomatoes

Cook for at least 5 hours on slo-cooker low or 150 in a fan assisted oven